Designed For Doctor’s Safety

The Joey Board enhances Doctor/Assistant efficiency because of its improved design, allowing for quick immobilization and less readjusting of head position. It also allows for improved ergonomics for the doctor and decreases chair time.

Safety And Patient’s Security

Designed by a pediatric doctor to symbolize that of a baby kangaroo, or “Joey” in a pouch for protection, not restraint. Its revolutionary design increases safety and has been tested extensively. The unique engineering keeps the patient’s head more stable, in a “chin up” position protecting the airway. It provides ideal use for oral conscious sedation and operating room procedures.

More Than Industry Standard

The Joey Board’s unique design is visually pleasing with color and design options to help ease anxiety for parents and patients making it less intimidating than all other immobilization devices. The Joey Board is offered in a variety of colors such as orange, green, and purple. There is no need to purchase multiple accessories to make the system usable.

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