Why is the Joey Board the most parent friendly restraining device?

The Joey Board was designed by a pediatric doctor for the safety and security of the patient. Parents are very impressed with the comfort of the Joey Board.

Why is the Joey Board economical for my practice?

The Joey Board features all in one pricing and most accessories such as the shoulder roll, head strap and nitrous hose loops are included.

How does the Joey Board improve efficiency in the workplace?

The Joey Board was designed to improve patient stabilization. It is also very ergonomic and because of the proper positioning that is established during treatment, the Joey Board enables the doctor to concentrate on simply treating the patient versus having to constantly reestablish patient positioning. The Joey Board is also comfortable for the patient and so patients are not continuously trying to readjust positioning.

How do I clean the Joey Board?

The Joey Board can be cleaned with Cavicide (™) products, Ethyl alcohol based cleaners, Isopropyl alcohol cleaners, Lysol (™) disinfectant or other non-bleach, non abrasive cleaners. Simply wipe the Joey Board following OSHA protocols. Do not submerge the Joey Board in any of these substances.

Is there a discount if I buy more than one Joey Board?

Absolutely, we offer the Joey Board comes in 3 sizes. In fact, many offices are purchasing the Joey Board for each treatment room and our sales team is very happy to discuss different pricing options for multiple Joey Boards.

Why is the Joey Board ideal for Oral Conscious Sedation or Operating Room procedures?

The Joey Board can be used during routine in-office procedures as well as Oral Conscious Sedation or Operating Room procedures. The shoulder roll helps to establish proper airway positioning by placing the patient in a head tilt chin up position. The Nitrous Hose Loops are also ideal for securing the Nasal Hood during the Nitrous Oxide procedures.

Does that Vinyl wrap cause the patient to overheat?

No, our patented Velcro wrap system allows for internal ventilation. Where our competitor's tight fitting mesh and cloth wraps promote higher temperatures. 

Is there a guarantee offered with the Joey Board?

Yes, the Joey Board is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for one year.



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